Nuestros Ingredientes

Using ethical sourcing + fair trade supplies. Free of palm oil, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, parabens, and silicones.

A combination of clean and naturally-derived ingredients, that inspired us from our childhood memories. Sage, manzanilla, nopales, and rosemary to name a few.

Always cruelty-free and always vegan.

Nopal Score: 1 

INCI:Water, glycerin, Opuntia Vulgaris. Opuntia Tuna (Prickly Pear/ Cactus extract).

A plant also known as cactus, or prickly pear. Native in the Southwest regions of the United States, and Mexico. Cacti are rich with vitamins such as Vitamin E, C, A, Omega 3, iron, calcium, and potassium. Cacti are prosperous in antioxidants, which can help reduce oxidative stress, protect the scalp cells in your blood vessels to promote healthy growth, and protect our hair from the polluted environment. Cactus aids hair follicles in restoring hydration, revive shine, and reverse heat damage. 

Rosemary Score: 1

INCI: Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract. 

A herb native to the Mediterranean region. Used in many foods, and often used in  Mexico culture for limpias (spiritual cleansing ceremony). Rosemary can improve circulation, stimulate hair follicles, and comfort dehydrated scalps. A great natural resource for promoting hair growth.

Castor Oil Score: 2 

INCI: Ricinus communis (castor) oil

A tropical seed, native to Africa and Asia regions. Castor oil helps lock in moisture to scalp, and improves weak hair flexibility. Leaves hair feeling soft. 

Jojoba Oil Score: 1 

INCI: Simmondsia Chinensis (jojoba) seed oil

A hydrolysate of jojoba seed protein. Native to Northwestern side of Mexico, and Western United States. Jojoba is a great source of vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin E, copper, and zinc. Terrific hydrator for skin and hair. 

Sage Score: 1 

INCI: Salvia officinalis (sage) extract. 

Herb native to Southeastern Europe, and the Mediterranean, this medical herb can also be used in food, and aromatherapy. Commonly used in Latin and Hispanic culture for purifying and in medicinal purposes. 
Another powerhouse including vitamins A, B, C calcium, and potassium. An antiseptic, anti fungal, and antibacterial.

Manzanilla (Chamomile) Score: 2

INCI: Chamomile Recutita (matricaria) flower extract.

Also known as Chamomile. An herb rich in soothing and calming benefits. Commonly used to relieve dry and itchy scalp. 

Plant Collagen Score: 1

INCI: Hydrolyzed soy protein, rice amino acids, hydrolyzed Adansonia Digitata (baobab) seed extract, L-proline. 
The super food of our generation! Plant collagen can act as antioxidant powerhouse. Protecting hair follicles from further damage.  Provides very effective moisturizing properties. 

Green Tea Score: 1-2

INCI: Camellia Sinensis (green tea) leaf extract.

Anti-inflammatory, can be found as entire plant, loose leaf, or powder form. Potent antioxidant agent due to polyphenols & methylxanthines. Protecting from free radicals, and also promotes hair growth. 

Pro Vitamin B-5 Score: 1

INCI: D-Panthenol. 

A liquid vitamin that can be quickly absorbed into the hair follicle, nourishing, and helps strengthen. Gives the hair moisture & shine. 

Witch Hazel Score: 1

INCI: Hamamelis Virginiana

A plant used for many medicinal benefits. A natural astringent often used to soothe irritation. Reduces oiliness, may aid in reduction of flaking, and assists in restoring the natural pH balance of the skin.

Caprylic/ Capric Triglyceride Score: 1

An emollient blend of fatty acids produced from coconut and glycerin. Non-comedogenic, odorless, and non-greasy makes skin feel smooth and supple.

Caffeine Score: 1

Rich in antioxidants, and helps with frizzy and dry hair.

Sodium PCA Score:1  

A Humectant and amino acid (water-attracting ingredient), that attracts moisture by locking hydration into skin. Improves the texture of damaged hair. Naturally derived from from soybean, coconut oil, fruits, and some grasses.

Tripeptide-29 Score: 1

A pure peptide consisting of amino acids glycine, and proline plus amino acid derivative. Helps rehydrate skin, encourages collagen production, and improves texture. 

Sodium Lactate Score: 1-3

INCI: Propanoic acid, 2hydroxy, Monosodium Salt

A condition agent that draws moisture to the skin. Liquid salt derived from the fermentation of sugars found in corn and beets.

Sucrose Laurate Score: 1


Is a very mild nonionic surfactant. Softens and smooths skin, and maintains skin in good condition.

Butylene Glycol Score: 1

INCI: Butylene Glycol

An organic humectant alcohol used as a solvent and another great natural conditioning agent. Obtained by fermentation from sugar, or distilled corn.

Ethylhexylglycerin Score: 2

INCI: Ethylhexylglycerin

Can act as a surfactant often used to hydrate and moisten skin. Mild humectant properties assist with the improvement of texture on skin. Aid in repairing skin gently.

Saffron Cell Extract Score: 1

INCI: Crocus Sativus Meristem Cell Extract

Saffron Plant Extract has incredible benefits for our scalps. This highly effective cell extract contains moisturizing, anti-inflammatory (ideal for those with sensitive skin), and antioxidant properties.

Benzoic Acid Score: 1-3

INCI: Benzoic acid

A preservative that can also adjust pH levels. Prevents growth of microbes in products.

Almond Oil Score: 1

INCI: Prunus Dulcis (Almond) Oil

Rich in omega fatty acids, vitamin B7, helps condition hair, and prevents hair breakage. The ultimate hydrating and nourishing oil around!

Caprylyl Glycol Score: 1

An alcohol derived from caprylic acid (fatty acid), that also has preservative-like properties. Aids the skin to retain water for long periods of time.