Who is Tecuane?

The word Tecuane originates from the Nahuatl language and translates to; wild animal, or large animal. Which can also represent animals such as jaguars.

Tecuane is a Latinx, clean hair care brand. Helping all achieve beautiful hair, while compressing our carbon footprint. 

Our goal is to share a sustainable method of hair care, with new and older generations.  

Latina owned, and a grandchild of Mexican immigrants. Second generation, Mexican- American.  

Representing the Latinx community, along with all races, all identities, all sizes, all ages, and all textures. 

Why Hair Care?

Some of my favorite memories as a child, were when my grandmother or tia would braid my hair. Feeling a deeper connection to my mother through our hair texture identity. While my sisters shared the same beautiful, energetic curls as their father. 

Growing up our household was a large range of hair textures, and a challenge to find the hair products that accommodate all of us. 

Inspired by my grandmother's love for magical plants, and forever treasuring their healing abilities. 

By creating Tecuane, we want to honor our Latin heritage, and guide others to achieve lush hair, while making an eco-friendly impact. 

Why Tecuane?

Working with celebrity clients ranging with multiple textures, I am always on the look out for new products. The older I become, the more aware I am of what ingredients I put into my body, skin, and hair.  Combining luxury and mindfulness to the beauty community.  

Thus, I have formulated clean products that can work on a large variety of hair textures and types. Cocktail our product for a fun take on your natural hair care journey. 

Thank you for your support and for this experience we can share together.