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We had the honor to sit down and chat with Celebrity hair stylist Ally Vickers. Learn how she manages the Hair Department on our favorite television series, FX's The Bear. 

Grab a cool one (whatever that means to you), put your patas or pies (feet) up, and enjoy this fun interview! :) 


Where are you from originally, and did anyone in particular inspire or influence your career choice? 

AV: I was born in Long Beach California & grew up in Huntington. I went to beauty school in 1997 and have been doing hair ever since! In highschool i was obsessed with the original supermodels and I studied all the backstage runway photos practicing different hairstyles on anyone that would let me! I was really influenced by Orbie, Odile Gilbert, Kevyn Aucoin, I would watch house of style over and over and I spent all of my money on magazines so I could see what everybody was doing!

I moved to West Hollywood in my early twenties to work at Giuseppe Franco in Beverly Hills and started working on short movies and any little projects I could do then eventually I joined The Local 706! 

What is the process when researching for characters on this particular series? 

AV: The research phase of things is probably one of my favs in the whole process. I spent a lot of time looking at the chefs and what influences the music, fashion, etc. I think about where they are from, did Sugar watch Gossip Girl? Maybe she did! Maybe she liked Blair and that’s how she learned how to curl her hair.. what makes sense in the Kitchen. Sydney is a serious chef but she’s got incredible style like modern-cool but not right in your face.

After I go through that process, I put together a little video edit for each character with music that I feel would inspire their style on screen, and that inspires me as well!  

Everyone has such a “natural” look in the show, it’s my favorite type of hair when executed well! As a hairstylist- I know it’s not easy! Kudos to you! 

AV: Omg thank you! That is a huge compliment, and we worked super hard to maintain a natural look. I really wanted the hair to go with the flow of the show. The writing is so incredible I don’t want someone with newscaster hair in the kitchen taking you out of the moment! 



Did you make any changes or adjustments on certain characters from Season 2 that were different from Season 1, looks wise and why? 

AV: There was definitely subtle style evolution this season, for Jeremy Allen White/ CARMY. He wasn’t going to be in the heat of the kitchen, so it was less about keeping his hair wet and sweaty and more about a haircut with a  really great shape and letting it live.

For Sugar around Episode Four when she is more slowly committing to working in the restaurant, we softened her hair and used her natural texture, and went for more of a beach wave. I really wanted to show a special moment for her at the finale with a beautiful Bardot x Goldie Hawn 1960’s inspired updo. She’s proud of their work and it’s exciting so I wanted the hair to match that vibe! 

Let’s talk more about Season 2, you had so many great guest stars!  Were there any character looks that were changeling or thrilling to execute? 

AV: ALL OF THEN WERE THRILLING!! Everybody was so incredible and we were so excited to have them. It was amazing energy! Everybody was super open to their looks and really allowed myself and my team to do our thing.

I was so excited when Chris Storer told us that Jamie Lee Curtis would be playing Donna and he had a wonderful inspo photo of Monica Vitti and we were really able to run with that look, as soon as I read that script. I knew in my head that I knew her, and when I saw the photo, it all came together. 

Molly Gordon is a dream and has amazing hair so I had so much fun with her!






Same with Will Poulter it was really fun giving him a look that nobody had seen him have before!


And Olivia Colman I mean! The best! 

It’s really incredible when you have a Show Runner and Actors that trust you and allow you to do your best work. I think that is when real magic can happen. It’s very special. 

With such a large cast, how did you manage your department daily to accommodate the cast?

AV: I really think you’re only as strong as your team and I try just to keep a really respectful, calm, peaceful environment and we have a game plan so no one gets lost in the shuffle, a space where everybody can work together and enjoy being creative. I think that good energy makes for good work, I have a wonderful Key Hair Stylist on my team, Angela Brasington she is an amazing support! Communication about timing with the ADs and Basecamp is a top priority. I send out a daily sheet of who’s going to who and the estimated times so whoever is running Basecamp knows exactly what we are doing!

Jeremy’s hair is so effortlessly cool in the show, did he have any opinions for his character’s hair and how did you achieve his hair style daily?

AV: Jeremy has the best hair ever so I can’t take credit for that! He had a photo of Marco Pirro white and that was the origin of the look! He’s a great actor to work with, incredibly respectful of people's crafts, very trusting and kind. I am so lucky to work with him.

Everything starts with a great haircut I trim his hair every 8-10ish days to maintain the shape.


I use Tecune Esperanza scalp tonic daily on damp hair then Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray diffuse then I finish with Days of Dirt by the Men’s Groomer. 

For Ep 10 opening night we wanted a little more polished look so I did the same routine, but I used the Paste from The Men’s Groomer and it held beautifully but still allowed for movement.

Did you have a lot of maintenance with trims and haircuts on the show? How did you keep up?!

AV: Everybody’s on a schedule of weekly or Bi weekly haircuts, we pretty much block shoot the entire series so we’re going back-and-forth quite a bit so everything just needs to be on a consistent maintenance schedule! 



Ayo rocks so many beautiful hairstyles in this series. What is the process of collaborating with her like? 

AV: I love Ayo, she’s got great ideas about Syd's hair and a great personal style. This season I feel like we saw a lot more of Sydney’s hair out in the world of the show. We try to keep things really simple, but cool. She did a lot of half up buns and  ponytails, double buns and I bought her a ton of scrunchies! I love a scrunchie moment who doesn’t?!? 



What episode of The Bear thus far, has been your favorite and why? 

AV: Ohh that's a hard question because I love them all so much and they all have such great moments. 

Obviously Episode Six Fishes, the Christmas episode was incredible because we did big things. Jamie Lee Curtis wore a beautiful wig.


We colored Abby Elliott’s hair brown for the week, so big changes like that are super fun!

I loved Episode Seven Forks, we had Olivia Colman who is literally the queen, and so amazing. I loved styling her hair and I loved seeing Ritchie put on a suit and really present himself in a new light. 

I loved Abby‘s hair in Episode 10. I live for a good updo! 

Congratulations on all your hard work thus far with the series! What an incredible experience! What’s your next dream gig?!

AV: Thank you! It really is an incredible experience. I’m so grateful to be a part of it! 

Hmm my next dream gig.. 

I would love to do a 90’s music biopic like Sublime or Nirvana or a mafia movie that sounds exciting! 

A western would be fun and an excellent reason to buy new cowgirl boots! I just wanna work with cool people and do cool hair! 

I am excited to see what is next as soon as the strike is over. I think it’s gonna be a really exciting time once everything is settled! 

Lastly, what is your favorite meal chef? :) 

AV: I am Pasta lover!

Also nachos from Cocorenos in Long Beach *chefs kiss* 

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